About Us

Our Mission & Values
We are creating a new blueprint for the high school experience.


We are a multicultural social leadership academy that prepares students embrace the many facets of their identity as a means of becoming more fulfilled, more authentic leaders within their community.


To engage & develop intelligent, empathetic young leaders with character, ability and passion to create positive change in the world.


By focusing on four key pillars of youth development— engagement, character, ability, and passion—we foster leaders of today, and champions of today.


Challenge-based learning pedagogy

Oxford-style tutorial learning

Global/multicultural outlook


Empathy through service

Creativity through design thinking & real-world experiences

Passion through student choice & self-direction

Through academic goals

UC/ CSU course requirements for all

Content personalized to match student goals

Portfolios to showcase student growth

Through real-world learning

Elective rotation to experience different fields

Service projects

Internships & field experience

We use values-based education as a vehicle to:
  • Provide academic excellence & college readiness
  • Identify & develop passions+ motivate students to pursue them
  • Train students in global citizenship
  • Develop appropriate character traits


At Oxford Day Academy, we want our school community and the experience of those within it to be:

Constant Growth and the growth mindset are essential to achieving excellence.

We constantly self-reflect on how we can improve.

We celebrate the growth we have and set goals for the growth we want.

We have the courage to make mistakes and learn from them, and the commitment to continually improve in all dimensions of life.

Ganas is a Spanish word reflecting the urge to persevere and achieve, it gives us the strength to overcome obstacles.

We show a deep level of determination and resilience that all successful people possess.

We must develop the discipline to persevere—to try again and again until we are successful. Failure is not permanent; it is a step on our path toward personal growth and success.

We must work hard, and not shy away even when things become difficult, because that is when we grow the most.

Kujichagulia (translated to English as self-determination) is the ownership to define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves. It is one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa.

We take responsibility for our actions, our efforts, our words.

Every adult in the school accepts responsibility for the academic success of every student.

Every student works towards self-responsibility of his or her personal success as a scholar.

Feveitokai’aki (translated to English as unity) is the commitment to sharing, cooperating, and fulfilling mutual obligation. It represents one of the four pillars of the Kingdom of Tonga.

We support others in their personal growth and acknowledge that though our paths may look different at times, we work towards a common goal.

We support one another, and hold one another to the high expectations because this is the highest form of respect.

We celebrate multiculturalism through an appreciation and knowledge of their own heritage and those of others.

We show curiosity and respect for the interdependent web of existence that envelops us all.

Equity is the recognition of injustice in its many forms, and the active pursuit of fairer outcomes.

We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

We engage with one another in good faith in the restorative justice process.

We show courage and initiative to defend what we believe is right.

Compassion is the genuine concern for the wellbeing others, and the willingness to act in promotion of that wellbeing.

We value and respect the feelings of others, and we seek to understand those feelings without judgment.

We wish the best for all life, and are called to act to realize that wellbeing.

We assume good intentions from others and have good intentions towards others.